Hogs Eating Deer: Invasive Predators of the Environment and Deer

Wild hogs are among some of the most destructive invasive species and even feast on whitetail deer.
A picture has surface on Facebook of a wild hog holding a dead fawn in the clasps of its mouth. Feral hogs have been causing serious environmental issues across many southern states. According to the Smithsonian in 2011, hogs are doing hundreds of millions of dollars of damage. It’s estimated that wild hogs do $400 million in damage. It’s likely these figures have creeped even higher.

Approximately two to six million wild hogs are causing problems in at least 39 states. Up to half of the hog population is located in Texas and has gone to work destroying various aspects of the environment and causing issues for landowners and outdoor enthusiast.

Are wild hogs a culprit for a decrease in deer harvest numbers in some states? These pictures certainly give the allusion that it’s possible.

Want to help improve the environment and do a little hunting during the lull between seasons? Get out and do a little hog hunting. Everyone can appreciate some freshly cut bacon.

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