15-Year-Old Arrows a Brute 7×7 Montana Elk

Check out Hunter Davis’ very first elk – a brute 7×7 he arrowed while on a solo stalk.

Hunter Davis of Bonner, Montana is a 15-year-old who has a passion for hunting. With Dad only a phone call away, he set off on a solo stalk in search of his first elk. He ended the day with a true trophy. Hunter’s bugling received some responses back, and it didn’t take long before a big bull made its way down the mountain, eventually stopping at the Blackfoot River to quench its thirst.

With a perfectly placed shot, Davis stuck an arrow in the bull from 50 yards out. It made it halfway across the river before dropping. Returning the next morning with his Dad, Hunter found the bull elk 100 yards downstream – and in excellent condition due to the cooling properties of the river.

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