‘Love & Hip Hop: ATL” Star Bambi Explains Why She Finally Took Lil’ Scrappy Back

Well, Lil’ Scrappy’s ridiculous plan to woo Bambi back actually worked. Boo.

Guess he “Found the Bam” after all. Har har har.

We all saw this reconciliation coming though, right? No one is shocked to their core about this development, we are sure. Besides, their livelihood kind of comes from serving up the drama in front of the cameras.

The often up-and-down duo split up back in Mid-May and called off their probably ill-fated wedding, but it seems that they are…fine…now. Bambi knows what some people are saying about her choice to take him back and she came around with an explanation.


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“His pursuit made me believe that he was really serious and willing to do anything to make our situation work. I was totally shocked, Scrapp is usually very stubborn and prideful so this was new to me. It showed a different side of him.”

Hmmm…it’s not like their dynamic while they weren’t dating for the last few months was so great. Bambi was reportedly livid about the fact that her then-ex might have been cozying up with baby mama Erica Dixon . Then he took to social media to seemingly snap back at a revealing interview that she had done, tweeting “”[Expletive!!!] Speak on ur life not mines.”[sic]”.

Seems very respectful and healthy. Just like they were when they were together. All those cheating rumors really made the rounds too though.

She isn’t necessarily planning to pack up and move her live to live in Miami full-time (since that is where again-beau is said to be making regular appearances on Love & Hip Hop: Miami) just yet though. Scrappy is reportedly trying so, so, so hard to get her to do so, for what it’s worth. Eh.


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“Miami is beautiful, it’s always been a quick getaway for me and Scrapp knows this, so he’s been enticing me with this beautiful condo on the beach. I may be there a lot more but I definitely have made Atlanta my home and have a lot of business there — so it wouldn’t be a full on move. I don’t think that’s a part of my plan for now.”

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Spotted MSM Lifestyle Division Client @reallilscrappy & The Gorg @adizthebam This Weekend At #ludadayweekend2017 || Image Via #StraightFromTheA


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We shall see how this all turns out.

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